Mystery Mining Lamps

Here is your chance to help other collectors and researchers in identifying various tantalizing and mystery mining lamps from the United Kingdom. If you can help identify or can throw any light on the origins of the items featured in the following pages  please contact us via the e-mail reply facilities provided. Your replies will be forwarded on and posted on the relevant articles/requests listed below. 

If you have your own mystery mining lamp you would like help in identifying why not send us your enquiry with, if possible, some pictures of it. We will be pleased to add your request for information to those already listed below. Just click on the icon below to send in your query.

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Nife Electric Hand Lamp  Eccles House Lamp Wolf Lamp with Magneto Re-lighter Colliery Drift Lamp
Nife Hand Lamp 01.jpg (23763 bytes) EcclesHouseLamp.jpg (15954 bytes) Wolf_Magneto_1.jpg (21048 bytes)
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An Unidentified Small Flame Safety Lamp An Unidentified Shielded Davy Lamp A Mystery  Lamp from Birmingham An unidentified Miner's Spout  Lamp
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A Interesting Scottish Davy  Lamp Ackroyd & Best Flare Lamps A Mystery  Lamp stamped  with "ACC" An unidentified Patterson Lamp
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Was this Eccles Lamp intended for use in Mines? A mystery Lamp from the Clifford Lamp Co. of Sheffield An Unidentified Bonneted Miners Safety Lamp An Unidentified Clanny Miners Safety Lamp17/06/06
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