Colliery Drift Lamp - Information Required.

Recently I acquired the British drift lamp pictured below. Unfortunately there are no markings on it to identify its makers in any way.


An unidentified colliery Drift Lamp. 

The lamp is of a thin steel construction and measures 6" tall from its base to the top of its the bonnet.

I would greatly appreciate it if any one can provide me with any information concerning the above lamp or could tell me its likely area of provenance?

Submitted By : Dave Shaw.
Date: December 2003
This lamp looks similar to a type known as a "Heinbach" lamp. I think Heinbach was the lamp's inventor and has had a patent on them. Such lamps originated from the coalfields around Horni Sucha (Poland) and date from around 1870. I found these lamps detailed in a book about miner's lamps from eastern Europe.

Submitted By :Norbert Schilling (Germany)

Date: March 2004

If you can provide any further information about the above items then please contact us via the e-mail reply link below.


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