Can Anyone Identify this Clanny Type Miners' Safety Lamp?

Can anyone help me identify the maker of the above Clanny lamp? There are no obvious signs of a maker's name or mark on it.  This lamp is a bout an inch taller than most Clannys. It still retains its original hand stitched copper gauze. It has been suggested by a couple of collectors that it may be an American lamp but others say that it is of English origin. Any information about this lamp would be appreciated.

Submitted By: Anthony Gilks.
Date: June 2006  
Based on the fact I have seen a very similar lamp in another collection I believe this lamp to be a  John Evans of Birmingham Clanny. If it is an Evans lamp that would date it to 1877 to 1882, these being the dates when this manufacturer was active.
Submitted By: David Barrie
Date: June 2006

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