Information sought regarding the age and origins of this "spout" Lamp?

Could anyone provide me with any further light on the origins and use of these rather crude looking spout lamp? It has the makers or distributors stamp of "A" and "K" either side of a "B" in a triangle. The lamp approximately measures 1.6 inches wide by 2 inches tall (3 inches including the handle).

This lamp once belonged to my grandfather (or possibly even his farther before him) who lived on the East Coast of Scotland in the Midlothian/Fife area. I know at one time he was a miner Kinross, Fife. He was born in 1884 and was killed in 1914 at the start of the Great War.

Submitted By : Margaret Morrison.
Date: January 2005.
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I can't help you with this makers or distributors mark but I have seen these lamps before in the Fife area. I have dug one up in a bottle dump which I believe dates to the 1880s.

Submitted By : Eddy Berry.
Date: January 2005.

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I also have a very similar oil wick lamp in my collection bearing the same markings. I am fairly sure that I have seen the exact same maker's/distributor's stamp on a miner's flame safety lamp here in a collection in the USA.
Submitted By : Dave Johnson (USA).
Date: February 2005.

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