Can Anyone Identify This Flame Safety Lamp?

I am looking for some information about the above lamp. It once belonged to a man who had lived in  Wakefield (West Yorkshire) all his life. So I am assuming that it originated from around that area.

It has the style of a Johnson Clapham & Morris deflector lamp, but as you can see, it hasn't got (and doesn't look as though it has ever had) a deflector ring around the gauze. The lamp stands approximately 20cm high (Just under 8") excluding its hook.


The lamp's base will no longer unscrew as it seems to be clogged up with muck and Brasso ! 
Any information about this lamp would be most appreciated. Also, has anyone any tips on how I might remove the base?
Submitted By : Ian Hebson.
Date: February 2004.

I believe this is a Johnson, Clapham & Morris lamp from the 1980s/90s. There is normally a heavily embossed makers name on the top plate but the one on yours could have been filed off for some reason? The lamp's small size may denote that it was a deputy's. These lamps were made in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. The company that made them were later taken over by the famous Protector Lamp & Lighting Company of Eccles, Manchester.
To open the lamp try unscrewing the nut (if you haven't already) in the locking mechanism and then rotate upper half while the base is clamped in a vice.

Submitted By : Dave Harker.
Date: February 2004.

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