Ackroyd & Best Miners' Flare Lamps?


A friend of mine recently sent me a copy of an original (pre 1927) Ackroyd & Best (A&B) advertising leaflet (A&B leaflet reference E - LF1/3) which showed both cap and hand type flare or oil wick lamps. From the wording on this advertisement these lamps appear to have been primarily aim at sale to the mining industry. I am not sure if we are talking of the home UK and/or overseas markets.

Cap Type Flare Lamp - A&B Ref: LFL 17 - Oil capacity 60 cc

A&B who were based at the Beacon Works in Morley near to Leeds were well known as one of the UK's leading makers of miners' flame safety lamps. They are less well know as being the makers of miners' carbide type lamps also. However, I was totally unaware, as were all the UK lamp collectors I have so far spoken to, that A&B also made oil wick type miners lamps. Both cap mounted plus hand held types as indicated in the advert above.

The style of the hand type A&B flare lamp has a distinctively main land European look about it to me. So maybe this indicates that they were aimed primarily at that market? The cap lamp type  also does not look like the typical design and proportions that were common in those used in Scotland where this type of lamp was always very popular with those miners who worked in none "gassy" pits.
By no means am I an expert about such lamps but the A&B flare cap lamp looks more like those I have seen from the coalfields of the USA. So was it also produced with that market in mind?
Hand Type Flare Lamp - A&B Ref: LFL 29 - Oil capacity 180 cc
Any information about A&B flare lamps would be greatly appreciated. Can anyone provide any photographs or dimensions from similar A&B lamps in their collections? Where were these lamp used and when? After 1927, when A&B transformed themselves into Hailwood & Ackroyd, did they continue to market such flare lamps? If so when did they delete them from their product range?
Submitted By : Mark Smith.
Date: February 2005.

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