Information requested concerning the Protector Patent House Lamp.

Can anyone tell me what this unusual lamp was used for and when does it date from? Is it possibly a Miner's House Lamp or had it a more specialised industrial/mining use? Certainly it was manufactured by a very well known British mining safety lamp manufacture who will be familiar to all collectors of British if not international mining memorabilia.

On the top plate, at the bottom of the conical funnel and on top of glass is inscribed  the word "PATENT".

On the topside of the base ,at the bottom of glass is inscribed  "HOUSE  LAMP  PROTECTOR 711" and around the circumference on the underside of base is inscribed "SOLE MAKERS PROTECTOR LAMP CO. LTD  ECCLES".

Submitted By : John Kitching.
Date: April 2003
We have seen an exact similar lamp only it is stamped with the number "1319".  This particular example is believed to have emanated from the Forest of Dean Coalfield. We hope this information is of some use to you.
Submitted By: Stuart & Mark Davies
Date: May 2003
I quote from the Colliery Guardian of 31 May 1929 page 2109: 
'Protector' House Lamp - Made by the Protector Lamp and Light Co. Strictly speaking, this lamp is not for use in mines. While it is on the safety lamp principle, it is purely a house lamp, and was used in the engine sheds, etc., over half a century ago. The container was filled with absorbant material and the fuel was petroleum spirit. The lamp was unspillable and if knocked over when alight, the flame was extinguished. The handle is of horn.
If we believe the above comments this would date these lamps as early as 1879!
Submitted By: David Shaw
Date: July 2003


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