A Mystery Shielded Davy Lamp


Would anyone have any information regarding the above illustrated Shielded Davy Lamp?

The lamp is about 7 1/2 inches tall and the gauze is copper so presumably an early surveyors lamp. It is made out of thin brass through out with no lathe turned parts, even the curious outside lugs on the unusual bayonet type locking system are hollow formed. The quality of the manufacture though is superb, certainly not a product of a local village tinsmith. The lamp's actual lock is a padlock. This is something that I have never seen or heard of before. There are no markings whatsoever on the lamp other than a machine stamped "safety" on the actual padlock. I have since found a key to fit it and it opens perfectly to reveal a round wick burner.

I am certain that this lamp is British as I know a bit of it's history and that it has been hanging up in a pub for at least 60 years.

Submitted By : Emyr George.
Date: July 2004
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