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Welcome to the Web Site of the UK's National Mining Memorabilia Association. 

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It is the intent of this site to introduce those visiting it to the background and history related to the many fascinating types of mining memorabilia commonly collected and researched in the United Kingdom. In addition the site introduces the aims and activities of the NMMA and its members. We  hope you enjoy our site and if so please remember to  re-visit it again as it is constantly being updated and revised. Click on the update link above to see what we have recently added to our site. 

Please leave us your comments and suggestions in our Guestbook and visit our Web Forum where you can take part in the discussion and exchange of ideas relating to various types of mining memorabilia or aspects of British Mining History. Alternatively if you are looking for a particular item of memorabilia or have something to dispose of you can always post an entry free in our Classified Ads. Section.

If you wish to know more about the NMMA have a look at the Our Aims section. Alternatively if you would like to become a members of the Association have a look at our  Contact/Join Us  of our web site or alternatively the  would like to join the Association.

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 This Forum has been created as a means by which visitors to the site can take part in the discussion of, or ask questions regarding the subjects of British mining history and/or memorabilia. Please note the Forum has now expanded and occupies several pages. The individual views and comments expressed in this Forum are not necessarily those up held by the NMMA.

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Please feel free to advertise your wants or any items of mining memorabilia you have for sale/exchange. Use of this page by none NMMA members is allowed but the NMMA webmaster reserves the right to remove any ads. that are not thought appropriate.

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