Information sought regarding the age and origins of this Scottish Davy  Lamp

Could anyone provide me with any further information regarding the above Davy type flame safety lamp from Scotland. It once belonged to my grandfather. The lamp is generally as shown above and is 8.5 inches tall by 3 inches diameter. It has the following details stamped on its bonnet - "John Spence & Sons  /  Coatbridge" around the word "Airdrie".

I am aware from the above details that this lamp probably originated from Coatbridge near Glasgow in Scotland. Other than that I know little else about it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted By : Sue Ferguson (Toronto, Canada).
Date: January 2005.
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In my records on miners' lamps and their manufacturers I have listed that John Spence & Sons of Coatbridge, Airdrie are known to have produced at least four different styles of Davy gauze lamps. All types had four pillars as per the one in your photograph. I have additionally noted that Spence & Sons started producing their miners lamps from 1850. I don't have any closing date for this maker but I would guess that they continued into the 1880s. If I were to take a guess I would say that your particular example of their work dates from this latter period.

Submitted By : D. H. of Co. Durham.
Date: January 2005.
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Based on a search of the Internet I can confirm that John Spence and Sons were still listed as being in Airdrie in 1921 when they were described as "brass founders". I assume they were still producing or certainly in a position to produce lamps. The same company also produced oil wick type miners' lamps bearing the same sort of makers stamp as that shown on the above Davy Lamp.
(Photograph courtesy of Dave Johnson Collection)
Submitted By : David Shaw.
Date: February 2005.

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I also have a very similar four pillar lamp in my collection bearing the same makers mark. It is almost identical to the one Sue has but still has its "stopper" on the oil reservoir refilling spout. See below for details.

Submitted By : Dave Johnson (USA).
Date: February 2005.

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