What type of Patterson lamp is this?

Can anyone tell me the age plus identify what model or type the above pictured Patterson lamp is please?

This lamp stands 9 inches high and has 4 metal pillars that protect the glass. This should place the lamp as a pre 1914 type after which date five or more pillars became mandatory. The lamp is stamped Patterson & Co / Newcastle on Tyne in between two of its pillars . It has a an old screw type lock which still retains its original screw. The lamp's fuel vessel is stamped "54" at a point just above the screw lock. Underneath the screw lock it is stamped an "L". Its bonnet is stamped "400" this being the lamp's identification number.  The lamp's has a single gauze which has a copper ring around its bottom plus has a wick priker that moves the wick up and down.

Submitted By : Anthony Gilks.
Date: December 2005.

The Patterson lamp is a Patterson model B7 designed for use by workmen. It probably date from the early 1900s but as you say before 1914.

Submitted By : David Barrie
Date: January 2006.


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