An unusual Wolf Safety Lamp with a Magneto type Re-lighter.


A couple of years ago I acquired an unusual Wolf (Wm. Maurice) Sheffield lamp from a local antiques centre. The top and middle from a No.7 are mounted on a square vessel which contains a magneto driven relighter. There's a port in the front for a cranked winding handle and the lamp carries the number 13. The magneto still turns but I can only get at it with a pair of long-nosed pliers, so I can't turn it enough to generate a spark at the wick. A contact in the West Midlands tells me this is probably a prototype from the early 1950s, when Wolf and other manufacturers were experimenting with new sources of ignition. 

I've never seen another one or even a picture or reference. The folk down at the Wolf Safety Lamp Company in Sheffield are intrigued but can't give me any information. Then again, they weren't around in the 1950s. Has anybody come across one of these and know any more about them? Better still, has anybody got a crank handle?!! 

Submitted By : John Gibson.
Date: July 2003

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