Mystery Mining Tokens, Checks, Tallies & Motties

Here is your chance to help other collectors and researchers in identifying various tantalizing and mystery mining related tokens from the United Kingdom. If you can help identify or can throw any light on the origins of the items featured in the following pages  please contact us via the e-mail reply facilities provided. Your replies will be forwarded on and posted on the relevant articles/requests listed below. 

If you have your own mystery mining token you would like help in identifying why not send us your enquiry with, if possible, some pictures of it. We will be pleased to add your request for information to those already listed below. Just click on the icon below to send in your query.

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King Coal Check or Badge  N.C.B. Dated Checks or Fobs for 1980, 1981 & 1982.  A Steel embossed Check From Rockingham Colliery  A China Clay Pit check from Cornwall 
King Coal.jpg (11227 bytes) NCB 1980.jpg (10249 bytes) Rockingham3.jpg (9203 bytes) ECLP_Gothers.JPG (20690 bytes)
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Explosive Canister Tags - Why are some marked with "15" Sumerlee Coal Company Check N.C.& Co. War Relief Check North Notts. Area Colliery Check
Norton1.jpg (11042 bytes) sumerlee.jpg (13730 bytes) NC&C WAR RELIEF.jpg (13989 bytes) North.Notts.Area.Colliery.jpg (10628 bytes)
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Mantrain Checks Cage Riding or Rope Checks Ollerton  Checks with letter counter stamps WB & Co tokens found on site of Dean & Chapter Colliery
ManTrain.jpg (17137 bytes) ABC Riding Check2.jpg (17268 bytes) Ollerton Checks02.jpg (30791 bytes)
Replies:2 Replies:2 Replies:331/10/09 Replies:0
Dated checks from Victoria Colliery Doncaster Area Pay Check Designs  A mystery check from Yorkshire Another mystery check from Yorkshire
Replies:1 Replies:1 Replies:2 Replies:1
A possible P.H.B. Check from Stafford Colliery A Lime Works related token from Burham, Kent A Mystery A.C.C. Ltd. check A small hoard of unidentified Colliery Checks
Replies:1 Replies:1 Replies:1 Replies:0
Is this the earliest known British lamp check? Is this a lamp token? A Mystery Token from Pegswood A Mystery Mining Fob from County Durham
Replies:4 Replies:2 Replies:1 Replies:229/01/11
High or Hem ? What's the Story behind this North Staffordshire Check? A Mystery Reversed Embossed Token from Deaf Hill Colliery What were Split Shifts used for?  
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