A Question About Doncaster Area Pay Check Designs.

 A typical group of machine stamped N.C.B. Doncaster Area Checks from Brodsworth Main.

Most collectors will be familiar with the standard incusely (machine) stamped brass checks used in the N.C.B.'s Doncaster Area. These were used at pits such as Bentley, Yorkshire Main, Hatfield Main, Markham Main, Rossington, Brodsworth Main, Askern, Frickley, Goldthorpe, Hickleton Main and Highgate.

A N.C.B. Hatfield Colliery Pay Check.

The very distinctive shaped checks with the "pointy" top, which are referred to by many collectors as "house shaped" were used as pay checks and examples even exist that were issued by the Doncaster Area Central Workshops. However, it is my understanding from conversations with a couple of ex-Doncaster Area miners that prior (or maybe even post) the introduction of the "House shaped" pay checks that a large diamond shaped check was used at many of the pits in their area to serve the same function (see the example shown above, top left for Brodsworth). Can anyone confirm this for me and if so suggest a date when the "house shaped" pay checks were introduced in favour of the large diamond shaped ones (or visa versa if this be the case). Also which Doncaster Area pits do you know such large diamond shaped checks to originate from? I can think of a several that I have seen, these include examples from Brodsworth, Yorkshire Main, Hatfield Main, Askern and Markham Main.

Submitted By : Mark Smith.
Date: January 2004.

I worked at several Doncaster Area Pits such as Highgate, Goldthorpe and Hickleton Main and can confirm that these "house shaped" checks were Pay Checks which were used to prove the men's identity when they collected their pay from the time/pay office at the pit.
Prior to the late 1970s or early 1980s (as far as my memory serves me) the diamond shaped checks you mentioned were used in the Doncaster area to act as Pay Checks. I'm not sure why they changed the shape/style of these checks when they did.

Submitted By: Steve Eams.
Date: May 2004


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