A Mystery Colliery/Works Check From Yorkshire - Any Ideas Anyone?

Obverse & reverse sides of the mystery Y.C & C. Co Ltd. check (Actual size 32 mm diameter).

Can anyone confirm what the initials of the above check stand for and from which pit (if they are mining checks at all) they originate from. It had been suggested by at least one collector that the initials on the check stand for the "Yorkshire Coal & Coke Company Limited". However, I can find no record of any such company ever existing although there is a nown colliery owning company in West Yorkshire which operated under the title of the "Yorkshire Coal & Iron Company Limited".

The above illustrated check example was one of at least two examples which emanated from the unissued token stocks of the well known check makers Henry Pasley & Sons of Sheffield (note this makers use of the characteristic wreath design on the check's reverse). At least one other used example of this check is know to exist. This further example is thought to have been metal detected around the Pontefract area of West Yorkshire.

Submitted By : Mark Smith & Bob Self.
Date: May 2004
I believe the initials on this pay or time check stand for "Yorkshire Coke & Chemical Company Limited". This company operated the coking works adjacent to Glass Houghton Colliery in West Yorkshire between 1915 and 1946. This location also roughly fits in with that of the metal detector find mentioned.
Submitted By : Ian Coley.
Date: May 2004


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