North Notts. Area Colliery Checks - Where were they used and for what purpose?

An un-issued example of a brass embossed check bearing the legend NORTH NOTTS. AREA COLLIERY ( Actual size 32.5 mm dia.).

I have recently acquired an example of the above type of check. Although I know it is fairly common I can't find out where it came from or what it was used for. I can't find any reference in any of the official Nottinghamshire colliery listings of a pit by the name of "North Notts. Area Colliery". I'm sure these checks date from the late N.C.B. or B.C.C. era and are most definitely not pre 1947 issues.

If anyone can supply me with any further information about the above check type I would be most grateful.

Submitted By : Terry Houghton.
Date: August 2003
These checks were held by the N.C.B.'s Nottinghamshire Area tunnellers who were based at Rufford Colliery. They were also used by a few other Area officials who regularly travel between pits as part of their normal work. 
The checks acted as the personal checks of each of the members of the mobile team and were carried by them as they traveled between pits.  The checks were probably used for several functions including a wages check. 
Normally on arrival at each of the pits the members of the mobile team would hand in their personal checks to the time office where they would be issued with a pair of the standard "spare" or "visitors" checks which were held at every pit.  Their personal checks would be temporarily hung on the peg of the pair of "spare" or "visitors"  checks  of which they had been issued.  On returning to the surface each member of the mobile team would hand in the second of their "spare" or "visitors" checks to the banksman before ultimately preceding back to the time office where they would again collect their own personal check before leaving the pit.
Submitted By : Ivan & Caroline Dawson.   
Date: October 2003

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