Summerlee Coal Company check - Information requested.

A brass embossed check bearing the legend SUMMERLEE COAL CO. Actual size 32 mm dia.

Has anyone got any information about the check above or the Summerlee Coal Company. As yet I have failed to find out how old this check is and where it originates from. Any information will be greatly received.

Submitted By : Tony Lewis.
Date: August 2003
REPLY No.1  
I'm not sure but I think this check may be a modern invention made for sale to tourists visiting the Summerlee Heritage Park located in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire (Scotland). The park is an industrial history museum and is based around the reconstructed remains of the Summerlee Ironworks. The park also has a re-constructed  row of miner's houses plus the "Summerlee Coal Company" pithead site, complete with recreated drift mine.
The only real coal companies from Scotland that I know of with Summerlee in their title are; 
Sumerlee & Mossend Iron & Steel Company - Blackhill Colliery, Lanarkshire (listed in 1896).
Sumerlee Coal & Firebrick Company - mines in/around Prestongrange. 
Summerlee Iron Company Limited - Bardykes Colliery, Lanarkshire
There are also Summerlee name related coal pits in West Virginia, USA. These pits were given their names by the emigrant Scottish miners who worked them.
Submitted By : James McDermot. 
Date: October 2003       

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