Mining Memorabilia -Badges

Badges, especially enamelled ones, are a very popular and commonly collected form of mining memorabilia. This is hardly surprising given the huge diversity of types known plus their usually colourful appearance.  

The number of mining badges so far recorded runs to about 2000 different examples. This number still increases slightly with each year that passes as new examples are rediscovered. In the order of at least 95% of all known examples emanate from the coal mining industry but a few are known for Ironstone and metalliferous ore mining regions plus the oil shale mines of Scotland.


A Scottish 1984/85 Miners' strike badge plus a Welsh Area NUM Lodge membership badge.

Badges can be roughly categorized into four groupings depending on their respective forms of attachment. These include;

By far the vast majority of badges encountered are those issued by the various collieries plus Unions and action/support groups as part of the year long national miners' strike of 1984/85. The number of different examples known, including enamel colour variations, runs to between 900 and 1,100.  A few similar badge examples are known from the 1992 campaign against pit closures plus the 1972 miners strike.

Goldthorpe Colliery NUM Miner's 1984/85 strike badge .

One of the other attractions of collecting and researching mining badges, like that of pit checks, is the huge diversity of types plus subject matter they commemorate. In addition to miners' strikes and industrial disputes a large range of additional badges exist that cover the following subject matter;


N.C.B. Angling Club Membership Badge N.C.B. Mines Rescue Service Badge N.C.B. Training College Award Badge Mining Convention Identification Badge
NCBFC.jpg (31137 bytes) NCB Mines Rescue Badge.jpg (15546 bytes) NCBSEDivTrainingBadge.jpg (33122 bytes) BuxtonConventionBadge1950.jpg (35744 bytes)
Colliery Air Raid Patrol Warden's Badge N.C.B. Workmen's Free Railway Travel Pass Colliery Long Service Award Badge Marine Colliery Closure & Centenary Badge
CollieryARPBadge.jpg (26114 bytes) Crane Street Station Pass.jpg (31409 bytes) Welsh Long Service Badge.jpg (39612 bytes) Marine Colliery Cent Badge.jpg (19404 bytes)
Cumberland Miners' Assoc. Badge Mining related Military Cap Badge Colliery Disaster Memorial Badge Colliery Rescue Brigade Cap Badge
Cumberland Miners Association Badge.jpg (16916 bytes) Kolar Goldfields Batallion Badge.jpg (21905 bytes) West Stanley Disaster Badge.jpg (13322 bytes) D&BCFRB.jpg (55263 bytes)

A small selection of more unusual and none strike related mining badges.


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