Mining Memorabilia -Miscellaneous Artifact Groups

In addition to those types of mining memorabilia described on the preceding  pages there is a huge range of miscellaneous mining artifacts that are either well established collecting/research themes or are becoming of increased interest to many. These additional groups include;

A postcard sold to raise funds for the eight bereaved families of the fatal mine cage accident at the Busty Pit  (Medomsley, Co. Durham) in 1923.

A 5lb capacity explosives carrying canister of the standard N.C.B. design.  Note the standard N.C.B. type of  identification tally/tag on the canisters' lid. These canisters were usually constructed of plied rubber/canvas conveyor belting material. The lids were lockable and could only be opened using a brass shot firers key. This example is one of two found by NMMA members during a field visit to the now closed private drift mine of "Cwm Glo" near Blaenavon, South Whales. No doubt it  originated from the near by N.C.B. "Big Pit" colliery. 

Two house bricks made at the colliery brickyards of  the (S.M.C.C.Ld.) Southmoor Coal Company Ltd. (Co. Durham) & Bretby Colliery (South Derbyshire).

A hand coloured engraving from The Illustrated London News of 28th of February 1857. The title is "LUNDHILL COLLIERY, BARNSLEY, THE SCENE OF THE RECENT EXPLOSION"

A selection of Colliery Railway & Bus Tickets. Note the special tickets used for Dogs plus Bicycles and prams! Five out of the six illustrated examples were issued by the Harton Coal Company (which after 1947 became part of the N.C.B.) for use on their privately owned/operated railway and bus services serving the route between South Sheilds and Whitburn Colliery (Co. Durham).  The remaining example was issued pre 1947 by the Ashington Coal Company (A.C.C. Ltd.) for workmen traveling between Ashington and Ellington Colliery (Northumberland).

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