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  2. Wales

  3. England

  4. Northern Ireland (& The Republic of Ireland)

  5. Mining History - General

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Mining Memorabilia & Paranumismatics Links

A beginners guide to collecting Colliery checks & tallies etc. - By Dave Lane.

David Barrie's British Mining Lamp Book Launch Site

The Tokens of John Wilkinson (1)

Terry Blythe's Mining Memorabilia Site

Dave Johnson's (US Collector) Mining Artifacts Site

Manfred Stutzer - German Collector of Mining Memorabilia

Hartwig Buttner's Mining Lamp Site (German Collector)

Dave Gresko - US Collector of Mining Lamps

Mike Serino's Mining Artifact Site (US Collector)

The Miners Strike 1984/85 - Some Commemorative Badges from the Great North Badge Co.

Eureka! - On-line (US) Mining Memorabilia Magazine 

Tino Romero & Andy Martin's Blasting Cap Tins Website - A site dedicated to the various brand named tins which were once used to contain explosives detonators (commonly referred to as cap tins in the USA).

The Carbide Lamp Page

The Protector Lamp Company, Eccles - Safety lamp history & products.

J.K. Dey & Sons  - Miners' lamp manufacturer from Calcutta, India.

 Mining & Colliery Histories

The Northern Mines Research Society - The Northern Mine Research Society is a group of people dedicated to the preservation and recording of mining history, Northern referring to the Society's administrative base rather than its field of interest. It started as the Northern Cavern & Mine Research Society in 1960, but its members' increasing interest in mining led the Society to change its original name to the present title in 1975. Now one of the largest such organizations in Britain, the Society has hundreds of members countrywide and many overseas. Reflecting this, British Mining is Britain's foremost mining history publication.

Coal Mine - E-mail Discussion List - A new less formal (predominantly coal) mining related e-mail discussion list. Why not subscribe for free today?

Mining History (UK based topics) E-mail Discussion List - Highly recommended. Why not subscribe for free today?

Access To UK Mineral Heritage - Official Coal Authority Sponsored web site offering on-line information about UK Mineral heritage wherever it is to be found.

Alan Andrews UK Coalminers Data Base - A new web database setup to collect names and contacts information of ex-coal miners from the UK. This has been established for nostalgic reasons to hopefully enable old "muckers" track each other down all over the world wherever they may be. If your an UK ex-collier enter your details in Alan's on-line data base today. Its easy!

The Pits -  A cornucopia of UK colliery photographs including Hatfield Main, Blenkinsopp, Ollerton, New Stubbin, Daw Mill, Wellbeck, Rossington, Ellington, Clipstone, Silverwood plus many more.

Frazer Nairn's UK Mining Photographs - A further compendium of colliery and mine views. Includes Agecroft, Bettshanger, Littleton. Sutton Manor The Bickershaw Complex (Parsonage, Goldborne & Bickershaw), Point of Ayr, Foxfield, Parkside and Florence Collieries plus Meadow Bank Salt Mine.

British Pathe News Real Archive - A fantastic new tool for local and mining historians! By searching British Pathe New's on-line data base using key words like - colliery, collieries, mine or miners etc. anyone can now extract and view a list of well over 200 relevant archives film clips. These clips date back as far as the first quarter of the 1900s and contain some fantastic clips such as the opening of various colliery pithead baths (including those at Vane Tempest and Pooley Hall) , colliery disaster footage (including that of the William Pit disaster of 1947) plus much more. By selecting to view film clips as "free previews" anyone can down load free footage onto their own PC to view at any time. Although material down loaded via this option is of a lower quality from a viewing perspective it is at least free to all and just as informative. Higher quality down loads for web sites and presentations cost around £50 per clip. Highly recommended. 

Coal Mining History Resources Centre - An excellent site for anyone interested in coal mining history. Highly recommended.

Coal Mining Research Services - A great resource site created by Alan Davies. Highly recommended.

UK Mines Rescue Research Site

A list of mining disasters in Great Britain, 1700 to 1979 - Compiled by Ian Winstanley.

Mike Moore Mining History & Caving Books - On-line stock catalogue of mining related history titles. Also now with secure server ordering facilities.

National Coal Mining Museum for England (Caphouse Colliery)

Mining History Network

North of England Institute of Mining & Mechanical Engineers

Welsh Mines Society

Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland

Peak District Mines Historical Society

National Association of Mining History Organisations

I.A. Recordings

Miners' Advice Web Site - Includes Mining 2000 Pages

Subterranea Britannica - Not strictly devoted to mines exploration but partly mining related and no-doubt of interest to many browsing these links. Formed in 1974, Subterranea Britannica is a society devoted the the study and investigation of man-made and man-used underground places. It brings together people with an interest in all types of underground space - from deneholes to dug-outs and from souterrains to subways.

Maps of the UK Coalfields showing Colliery Locations  - Courtesy of Ian Winstanley's Coal mining Resource Centre. Collieries listed by geographical area. This very useful series of maps is based on early (late 1940s early 50s) maps taken from The Colliery Guardian publication  entitles "The Guide To The Coalfields".

A list of British (including Irish) Collieries working in 1869  - Courtesy of Ian Winstanley's Coal mining Resource Centre. Collieries listed by geographical area.

A list of British (including Irish) Collieries working in 1880  Courtesy of Ian Winstanley's Coal mining Resource Centre.

A near complete list of British (including Irish) Mines for 1896 - Reproduced from Her Majesty's Inspectors of Mines Annual Report for 1896 & hosted as part of the Peak District Mines Historical Society's web site. Mines (coal & metalliferous) are listed by geographical area. Each entry includes the following information :

A list of British (including Irish) Mines working in 1908  - Courtesy of Ian Winstanley's Coal mining Resource Centre. Mines (coal & metalliferous) are listed by geographical area.

A list of British (including Irish) Mines working in 1918  - Courtesy of Ian Winstanley's Coal mining Resource Centre. Mines (coal & metalliferous) are listed by geographical area.

A list of British Mines working in 1938  - Courtesy of Ian Winstanley's Coal mining Resource Centre. Mines (coal & metalliferous) are listed by geographical area.

A list of British Mines working in 1923  - Courtesy of Ian Winstanley's Coal mining Resource Centre. Mines (coal & metalliferous) are listed by geographical area.

A list of British Mines working in 1945 with links to the Colliery Guardian's official location maps of 1949/50  - Courtesy of Ian Winstanley's Coal mining Resource Centre. Mines (coal & metalliferous) are listed by geographical area.

Harry Tootle's Coal Mining Dictionary - Without a doubt the most comprehensive and best dictionary of British coal mining terms and phrases (many of which are now obsolete) available to coal mining historians and researchers anywhere. To date this mammoth work (including Bibliography) is only available on the net via Alan Davis's Coal Mining Research Services Site. 

A Glossary of Terms used in the Coal Trade of Northumberland and Durham (1888) By G. C. Greenwell, F.G.S., M.Inst.C.E., Colliery Viewer, Past President of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers ; Past President of the Manchester Geological Society ; Author of "A Practical Treatise on Mine Engineering," &c., &c., Courtesy of The Durham Mining Museum's web site.


Digging Up The Past - A photographic achieve from the South Wales Coalfield.

The 1890 Morfa Colliery Disaster

An 1897 sales auction catalogue for Bettisfield Colliery near Bagillt, North Wales.  - Taken from the  Bagillt Heritage Society's Web Site.

Landshipping Colliery.  A brief introduction to Landshipping Colliery in Pembrokeshire including information concerning the infamous Garden Pit Disaster of 1844. 

Coal Mining around Llansamlet - The industrial history of the Parish of Llansamlet in West Glamorgan, Wales. Includes sections on coal pits, copper works, tin-plate manufacture, and metal smelting.

Collieries in the Crosskeys District - Includes information on the following Collieries and Levels; Benson's Level, Black Vein, Celynen South, Cwmbyr, Cwmcarn, Darran, Drill Hall Level, Green's Level, Jack Y North Pit, Nine Mile Point, North Risca, Old Ventilator Pit, Prince of Wales and  Rock Vein Pit.

Welsh Collieries Web Site

Cwmtillery Colliery (& neighbouring pits)

A list of Welsh Colliery Disasters (1837-1827) - From the Cross Keys Wed Site.

Bedwas Navigation Colliery  

Cefn Coed Colliery Museum  

Tower Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

The Aberfan Disaster of 1966

The Universal Colliery Disaster, Senghenydd


Scottish Coal

Bothwellhaugh & Hamilton Palace Colliery - The story of a Lanarkshire Mining Community 1884-1965.

New Cumnock & Coal Mining

Scottish Coal Mining Museum (Lady Victoria)

Longannet Complex - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Scottish Mining

Coal Mining around Bo'ness

Fife Mining Heritage Society

Fife Pits

Redding Colliery, Falkirk


Durham Mining Museum Web Site - A fantastic site for mining historians and family history researchers a like. This site not only has major sub sections covering the Haswell, Trimdon, Horden, Blackhall & Shotton Collieries but also now contains a data base of most C18th & C20th County Durham collieries giving details of their individual;

The Hartley Families - A must for anyone researching the famous Hartley Colliery Disaster. This web page gives a summary of the disaster plus lists all of those men that lost their lives, their ages, jobs plus the details and names of their dependants.

My Marras - Part of the Durham pit Villages of New Herrington, Newbottle, Shiney Row and Penshaw. Includes colliery histories and information.

An introduction to coal mining in the North East - Part of the North East England history web site.

The Durham Miner Project - An on-line summary of a major history research project covering various aspects of the Durham Coalfield. Provided via Durham County Council.

Elemore Colliery Web Site - A tribute to Elemore Colliery. 

A list of collieries in Co. Durham & Northumberland - Compiled by Brian Pears. The entries on these web pages contain the following information;

Children's Employment Commission, Mines. 1842. - Extracts of entries from some Northumberland Pits

Coal Mining in the Hebburn Area - By Norman Dunn

A list of collieries (for 1896) for the West Durham Coalfield - Part of the Tow Law History Society's web site.

A description of the surface layout and operations at Dawdon Colliery

Dawdon Colliery - General images of the pit.

Coal Mining around Dipton & Burnhopefield - An Introduction

An Account of the award of the British Empire Medal for Gallantry to John Kerr & William Baker South Medomsley Colliery (1944)

An account of the 1934 explosion at South Medomsley Colliery

Ellington Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Blenkinsopp Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Lampton "D" Colliery Wagonway Excavation - Article review only.

Hartley Colliery Disaster Memorial - Part of the Durham Mining Museum Site.

Coal Mining around Heddon-on-the-Wall

Tyne & Wear Archive Services (Researchers Guide to General Coal Industry relating to the North-East held in the Archives - Part I) - This User Guide details the various types of records relevant to a study of the history of the North- East coal industry. It lists in detail records held at Tyne & Wear Archives Service, but also includes general guidance on sources available at other repositories.

Tyne & Wear Archive Services (Researchers Guide to Coal & Colliery Records held in the Archives - Part II) - A reference list of archive material on individual collieries in the Durham and Northumberland area which are held by the T&WAS and which are available for public viewing.

Fishburn Colliery

Blackhall Colliery

Ushaw Moor 

Wheatley Hill

Woodhorn Colliery Museum

Seaham Colliery & Other Coastal Pits 

Coal Mining around Mow Chop

Poynton Collieries

Haigh Colliery Museum

A brief history of Coal Mining within the Parish of Great Clifton

Pye Hill Colliery & Local Area

A chronological development of industry and pits around Jacksdale

Coal mining around Tibshelf 1850-1939

Netherseal Colliery & District - Reminiscences of some boyhood days in a South Derbyshire Colliery Village 1932-36. By J. F. N. Stanier, Burton-on-Trent. 

Ilkeston Mines Rescue Unit

North Derbyshire Coalfield - A Miner's Son

Pitwork - Memoirs of Shirebrook & Other North Derbyshire Pits

North Derbyshire Coalfield - Neil Bridgewater's' Local History Site

Warsop Main

Whitwell Colliery

Pinxton Collieries & John King's Cage Safety Detaching Hook

Hopewell Colliery Museum

Collieries of The Forest of Dean

History of Coal Mining in Easton

Coal Mining around Mangostfield  

The Kent Coalfield

Astley Green Colliery Museum - The official colliery museum web site.

Astley Green Colliery - The unofficial colliery museum web site, but still very good.

A history of quarrying & coal mining around Rishton

A brief history of Victoria Colliery, Standish

A brief history of mining around Standish - Includes details of Robin Hill Drift Mine.

Maypole Colliery Disaster - With links to pictures of the the disaster memorial plus what is left of the pit today.

Coal mining around Abram - A brief history

Jack Nadin's Lancashire Coal Mining Site

Astley Green & Duke of Bridgewater's Colliery Canal

Hapton Valley - Part of Jack Nadin's Lancashire Coal mining site.

Clifton, A Wet Earth Colliery

The Duck of Bridgewater's underground colliery canal at Worsley

Tunnels and Mines of Winter Hill, Bolton

Donisthorpe Colliery

The Nottinghamshire Coalfield - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Calverton Colliery

Clifton & Cotgrave Collieries - Part of John Waudby's Web Site

Eastwood Collieries

Annesley-Bentinck Colliery

Welbeck Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Clipstone Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Harworth Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Thoresby Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Images of Granville Colliery, Lilleshall Mines

A brief history of Lilleshall Mines

Muxton Bridge Colliery

Coalbrookdale Coalfield

North Shropshire Coalfield

Madeley Wood

Meadow Colliery

Ifton Colliery (1)

Ifton Colliery (2)

Gazetteer of Shropshire Mines

The Somerset & Bristol Coalfield

Coal Mining in North Staffordshire - A very basic overview of mining in the potteries.

Cannock Chase Mining History Society

Coal Mining around Cradley Heath

The North Staffordshire Coalfield - A post 1947 Web Site Study Group - A very comprehensive site covering the history of the North Staffordshire (Stoke-on-Trent) Coalfield post nationalisation in 1947 to the end.

Podmore Hall Colliery, Halmer End - "The Minnie Pit" - This site also gives details of the famous 1918 Minnie Pit disaster. 

Mining & Quarrying around Sedgely

Coal mining around Cheadle  

Black Country & Stour Valley Industrial History

A History of Coal Mining Around Brownhills - Part of Rob Webster's Brownhills History & Genealogy Site. Includes brief histories of  Walsall Wood, Coppice, Brownhills (Cathedral Pit), Conduit & Watling Collieries.

A History of Coal Mining Around Aldridge - Part of Rob Webster's Brownhills History & Genealogy Site. Includes brief histories of Aldridge, Coppy Hall & Speedwell Collieries.

A list of all the Colliers taken from the 1881 Census for the districts of Aldridge, Walsall Wood, Clayhanger, Brownhills in the Manor of Norton Canes, Catshill - Part of Rob Webster's Brownhills History & Genealogy Site. Includes brief histories of Aldridge, Coppy Hall & Speedwell Collieries.

Coal Mining in North Staffordshire

Apedale Colliery Heritage Centre

Racecourse Colliery - Black Country Museum

Baddesley Colliery Disaster

Baddesley Colliery

Daw Mill Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Forest of Wyre Coalfield

Coal mining around Rotherham

Yorkshire Main Colliery

Silverwood Colliery

Memories of Allerton Bywater Colliery

James Pollitt & the South Kirkby Colliery Disaster

Woolley Colliery

Kiverton Park Colliery

Kiverton Park Colliery Offices - Pictures of the old Kiverton Park Coal Company Ltd. offices plus the role of honour memorial to those who worked for the company and died in the Great War. 

Mining in South Yorkshire

Hatfield Main Colliery - Part of Adge Covell's Stainforth 2001 web site.

Hatfield Main Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Key dates in the history of Hatfield Main Colliery - Part of Adge Covell's Stainforth 2001 web site.

Coal Mining around Dodworth This web page also includes a brief description of the famous Oaks Colliery Disaster.

Swaithe Main Colliery Disaster - Worsbrough

Coal Mining Around Halifax

Kellingley Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Maltby Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Prince of Wales Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Rossington Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Selby Complex - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Thorne Colliery - Part of Mining 2000 Site

Coal Mines Around Doncaster - Introductory historical notes covering the following pits - Askern, Bentley, Barnborough, Markham  Main, Brodsworth, Bullcroft, Cadeby Main, Denaby Main, Harworth, Hickleton Main, Rossington, Upton & Yorkshire Main Colliery.

Mining Around Barnsley - A good introductory article about coal mining around Barnsley. Taken from the archive editions of the Barnsley Chronicle.

  Northern Ireland & The Republic Of Ireland

Coal mining in Castlecomer - Anthracite mines, Co. Kilkenny.

Metalliferous Ore Mining

Camborne School of Mines Virtual Museum of the Cornubian Orefield - An excellent introduction to the history of the Cornubian Orefield which lies within a peninsula in the southwest of England. It covers the whole of county of Cornwall and part of the county of Devon from Landís End to Dartmoor, a distance of some 150 km.

South Caradon Mine, Cornwall

Snail Beach Mine

Tankerville Mine

Shropshire Mines Trust

Parys Mountain

Llywernog Silver-Lead Mine, Wales

Wenvoe Iron Mine, South Wales

Great Orme Mines - Copper mines worked from the Bronze age up until the nineteenth century. Located on the Great Orme peninsular at Llandudno, North Wales.

Merioneth Manganese - The manganese mines of the former county of Merioneth, North Wales.

Nenthead Mines

A history of Tin Mining In Cornwall

Cornish Minerals plus a potted history of mining, mineral process and Quarrying in Cornwall

Geevor Time Mine

Levant Mine

Wheal Jane Mine

Alderley Edge Copper Mines

Laxey (Isle of Man) Mines Research Group

Celtic Copper mining Regions

Lead Mining in The Yorkshire Dales

Smelt Mills of The Yorkshire Dales

St Just Mines Research Group

Tolgus Tin Streaming

Tin Streaming

Levant Mine - Cornwall

Cleveland Ironstone Series

Tom Leonard Ironstone Mining Museum  

Florence Ironstone Mine

Lead and Labour - The story of the miners of Leadhills and Wanlockhead, Scotland

The Museum of Lead Mining Wanlockhead, Scotland

Creetown - Lead Mines & Lead Shot Mill, South West Scotland

Copperas Stone Picking on the Isle of Sheppey  

The Tankerton copperas works and the copperas industry in the south of England.

Industrial Mineral Mining/Quarrying

Quarrying around Mow Chop (Cheshire)

Cleveland Potash Ltd.'s Boulby Mine - Europe's Deepest Mine

The Salt Archive - The history of salt mining, its production and trading.

Threlkeld Quarry & Mining Museum

Birkhill Fireclay Mine

Welsh Slate Quarries

Bath Stone Quarries

Honister Slate Quarry & Mine

Rhosydd - A Ffestiniog Slate Quarry

Rhiwbachsydd - Slate Quarry & Tramway

Quarrying Around Halifax

Wheal Martin China Clay Mining & Processing Museum