Mining Memorabilia -Paranumismatics (Part III)

The final group of mining paranumismatics commonly encountered can loosely be described under the title of "Medals & Awards". 

This final category includes a diverse range of items including;


Obverses of two Mines Rescue long service awards.  Bronze 5 YEAR  medal awarded to a Cleveland Ironstone Miner from North Skelton Mine , dated 1947. The silver 15 YEAR medal was issued to a County Durham collier from Morrison Busty North Pit, dated 1963. (Actual size 33mm).

An enamelled membership fob of the North of England Institute of Mining & Mechanical Engineers. Note the central image of the Stephenson flame safety lamp. Actual size 26 mm by 38 mm. Hall marked silver. 

Obverse of a tin medallion bearing the image of a typical Cornish engine house. This medal was one of many issued to raise funds for the unsuccessful attempt to financially rescue Cornwall's last tin mine, South Crofty,  in 1997 (Actual size  35 mm in diameter by 5 mm thick). 

White metal medal/ticket of 1858 to commemorate an ox roast feast paid for by local subscription for striking colliers in the Oldham district of Lancashire. The obverse displays an ox accompanied by the legend "The Labourer Is Worthy Of  His Hire" plus "Roast Whole Nov. 22nd 1858". The reverse bears the legend "In Commemoration Of The Feast To The Colliers Given As A Mark Of Public Sympathy & Respect For Their Conduct On Strike". (Actual size 31.5mm).

A white metal  presentation medal bearing the obverse legend "NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLIERY MANAGERS" plus the manufacturers signature "VAUGHTONS BIRM" (Actual size  56 mm in diameter by 5 mm thick). 


Obverse and reverse designs of a white metal alloy medal commissioned by the Denaby Main Coal Company in commemoration  of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee celebrations  of 1887. (Actual size 38.5mm).

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