A Mystery War Time Mining Badge?

Can anyone provide me with any information about the above enamel (black, silver and white) badge particularly with regards its use, age and origins? 

It measures 25 mm in diameter and is stamped with the number "220" on its reverse. It has a "horse shoe" type lapel fastener on its reverse that would suggest it  dates from the first half of the twentieth century. I am intrigued by the possible was time connotations refereed to in the badge's main legend i.e. "SECOND FRONT". The cross pick and shovel motif depicted in its centre has obvious mining industry connotations but as yet I can not place a colliery or mining company whose initials are B.A Co. Ltd. 

Any further information about this badge, its history and origins would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Date: March 2006

The B. A. Co Ltd could possibly be the Babbington Colliey Ltd. which were based in the Nottingham area. Ian Winstanley's CMHRC site shows a B. A. Colliery Ltd. active in the Nottingham area from 1939 and 1945. Prior to those dates the same pits are shown as being worked by the Babbington Coal Company Ltd. I would make a guess at these badges being issued during the war to miners to prevent disturbances between miners and servicemen. Nottingham and district had a large population of service personnel at the time. The number stamped on the rear of the badge could be a "clock or pay number" so that the wearer could be identified by the civil authorities.


Submitted By : Philip Wyles.
Date: August 2006.

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