What was this Mining Institute medal awarded for?

The G.C. Greenwell Medal issued by the North of England Institute of Mining & Mechanical Engineers and inscribed  to J.C. Trickett (Ph.D.) and dated 1954.

Can anyone provide me with any information about the above award, i.e. the G.C. Greenwell Medal plus the history behind the particular one illustrated above which was issued to J.C. Trickett (Ph.D.) in 1954.  The medal is struck in copper in bold relief and measures 51 mm in diameter by 5.6 mm thick. It has a plain edge. Its reverse depicts a hand holding a Clanny type flame safety lamp. This being a motif synonymous with the Institute that awarded it. 

Presumably the recipient of this particular medal is the same individual as the J.C. Trickett who derived Trickett's Ratio technique for calculating the combustibility of the atmosphere in gassy mines.

I know that the G.C. Greenwell medal was being awarded by the  North of England Institute as early as 1919 and possibly earlier. Other than being an early council member of the Institute, a Colliery Viewer plus author of "A Glossary of Terms used in the Coal Trade of Northumberland and Durham" I know very little about G.C. Greenwell. Presumably it is Greenwell's portrait that appears on the obverse of the medal. 

As stated on the reverse of the above medal The North of England Institute of Mining & Mechanical Engineers was established in 1852 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1876. I understand that it is the oldest such Institute in the United Kingdom.

Any further information on any of the above points would be much appreciated.

Submitted By: Mark Smith
Date: March 2006

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