An Early Union Badge from Clear Lodge - G.C.G. - Possibly South Wales?

Can anyone provide me with any information regarding the association badge above. The general style of this sew on union membership badge is similar to many miners' association badges from the same period (i.e. first quarter of the 20th centuries).  This particular example is uniface, 35 mm in diameter and struck in aluminium. Around its edge is the word "UNIONIST" and in its centre in 5 lines is the legend;

CLEAR / LODGE / G.C.G / JUNE / 1911

In the South Wales Coalfield the initials "G.C.G." are the standard abbreviation for Gwaun Cae Gurwen, a pit village in the Amman valley. This badge turned up from a source close to this area. If this badge is from this village I can't think that it could be anything other than a miners' association piece.

Any information concerning the above badge would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted By : Emyr George.
Date: May 2006.

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