A Mystery Badge from Fryston, Yorkshire.

Does anyone know what this large enamel badge is or what it was issued for?

It measures 34 mm by 27 mm and is in the shape of a shield. The top third is black with the initials  F.Y.C. in gold. The bottom two thirds are divided vertically in half with. The left hand side panel depicts a white Yorkshire rose on a red back ground.  The left hand side panel depicts a pit head gear on a white background with the word "FRYSTON" across it.

Submitted By : Bill Shaw.
Date: July 2003

My grandfather and brothers alike all worked at Fryston Colliery and lived in the village. My grandfather has identified the above badge as a type issued to the Fryston football team when they were playing on a tour in the former Yugoslavia. He understands that the initials F.Y.C stood for FRYSTON YOUTH CLUB

Submitted By : Hayle Lawton.
Date: July 2006.

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