An Novel Display Concept From Canada

Many collectors of mining tokens and pit checks keep and display their collections in coin albums. Some collectors have even been known to have gone as far as opting for the more "classy" option of traditional coin cabinets or transparent coin display trays. Well here's a unique idea and festive concept from Dale Simpson, one of the NMMA's Canadian members. For that special time of year why not display and share your collection with others by employing Dale's patent "Pit Check Tree" concept. Who needs tinsel, baubles and the usual array of other traditional Christmas Tree decorations when you can make do with your own collection of glistening brass and alloy pit checks!!!!!

Well I think the idea is going to catch on. In fact I can think of at least a few of our members who may even insist in keeping their "new wave" Christmas trees up all year round. Christmas will never be the same again!

Dale's Patent Pit Check Tree - Every Home Should Have One !!! - I can spot at least a couple of N.C.B. Prince Of Wales  Pay Checks in that little lot. What can you find?

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