A Mystery Object From Cwmbran Colliery Site

Here's one for any industrial archaeologists out there.

I recently found a "Mysterious Object" which I hope someone can enlighten me on. It originated in a dried up brook alongside a stone wall that made up part of Cwmbran Colliery (Porthmawr Colliery). which closed in circa 1916. The object in question is 100mm or 4inches in diameter. It was heavily encrusted with rust, but I have cleaned up one face and a section across the width. It cannot be a pulley wheel as there is no groove.

I am interested to find out as much information on the Cwmbran and Henllys Colliery as I can, in order to include it the LOCAL HISTORY section in my website of my home town of Cwmbran.

I hope you someone can help and I look forward to hearing from you.

Submitted By : Nigel Jones.

Date: July 2004

If you can provide any further information about the above item then please contact us via the e-mail reply link below.


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