Thornhill Colliery Commemorative Badge Issue

 Matty Kitchen has produced a set of four badges (colour variations on a single design) to commemorate Thornhill Colliery (1858-1972). Thornhill Colliery was located near to Wakefield and finally comprised of both the Combs and Ingham's pits which were sunk in 1858 and 1875 respectively. The two separate sets of workings, which were located 1,500 yards apart between a dividing hill side, were merged underground in the late 1800s. After nationalisation of the coal industry (in 1947) Thornhill Colliery became part of the N.C.B.'s North Eastern Division - Area No.7. It finally closed in 1972.

Badge Type: Hard Enamel. Size: 27 mm by 22 mm  Colour: Type "A" - Gold, Black and White. Type "B"- Green, Black and Gold. Type "C" - Torquise, Black and Gold.  Number Issued: 50 sets. Issued Date: March 2005. Issued By: NMMA member Marry Kictchen. Contact Details: e-mail or telephone 01977 510049. Price: 20 per set of four plus P&P.