Littleton Power Group - Miners' Strike 1984/85 - Badge Re-issue

To mark the end of the 20th Anniversary celebrations of the 1984/85 miners strike NMMA Brian Witts has re-issued a variation of the original Littleton Power Group badge of 1984/85.

Badge Type: Hard Enamel. Size: 27 mm diameter Colour: Type Chrome, black and red Number Issued: 50. Issued Date: March 2005. Issued By: NMMA member Brian Witts. Contact Details: Gale Witts. 4 Balmoral Drive, Hendsford, Staffordshire.  WS12 4LT or e-mail: . Price: 11 inclusive of P&P. Proceeds from the sales of these badges will be donated to the "Justice Mineworkers Campaign".