Commemorative badges to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Sinking of Brandon & New Brancepeth Collieries (1856-2006)

To mark the 150th anniversary of the sinking of both Brandon and New Brancepeth Collieries John Kitching of Brandon, County Durham, has produced two limited edition commemorative badge issues. John was born in Colliery Row of Harvey Street, New Brancepeth and both his father and grand-father worked at the former colliery there while his great grand-father worked at Brandon Colliery.

Brandon and New Brancepeth Collieries were located approximately 3 and 4 miles respectively West of Durham City. Both collieries were sunk in 1856. New Brancepeth Colliery was formally known as Sleetburn Colliery but had its name changed after deliveries to the colliery kept ending up in Sleekburn Colliery in Northumberland (and vice versa etc.). Despite this residents of Brancepth still referred to their village today as Sleetburn.


New Brancepth Colliery was sunk by Alexander Brodie Cochrane in 1856 and finally closed in 1953. Brandon Colliery was sunk in 1856 by Messrs. Straker & Love and closed in 1960.

Badge Type: High quality hard enamel complete with bar pin attachment; Size: 32 mm; Colour: Chrome and Black, Number Issued: 100 of each; Issued Date: 15 January 2006. Issued By: John Kitching (NMMA Member). Contact Details:  e-mail or telephone 0191 3780241. Price: 3 each plus 1 for Recorded Delivery P&P within the UK. For both badges inclusive of P&P the combined price is 7.00.